Project Highlight | ADRDL Addition

KENDELL is pleased to work with McCownGordon Construction on the addition of the new South Dakota Animal Disease Research & Diagnostic Laboratory (ADRDL). The project takes place on the South Dakota State campus in Brookings, South Dakota.

The focus of the facility is analyzing diseases in livestock, veterinary support, identifying zoonotic diseases and testing food supplies to prevent illness; all of which the center is nationally recognized for. According to iGrow, “Officials say the facility will both serve as the front line of defense in protecting South Dakota’s $7.3 billion livestock industry against diseases and provide important diagnostic information for the state’s wildlife and companion animals.”

The $58 million upgrade and addition is quite large and will take a couple years to complete. McCownGordon explains, “The project, to be completed in two phases, includes the addition of 80,763 square feet of laboratory space, which features a biosafety level 3 space, biosafety level 2 enhanced necropsy space, containment technology, decontamination areas, airlocks and sterilization areas. Phase two will renovate the existing laboratory space to accommodate research needs.”

KENDELL is thrilled to be a part of the improvement at the ADRDL that’s going to benefit so many animals and humans alike. ADRDL includes 230 openings, the majority being wood doors.  There are 30 hollow metal doors and then 50 FRP doors and frames by Special Lite. The hardware package is by ASSA ABLOY which includes Sargent 8200 series mortise locks, 8000 series exits, and their 281 series closers.  McKinney hinges, Norton auto operators, and Rixson overhead stops round out the package.

The KENDELL staff working with ADRDL includes Jeremiah Stern (Estimator), Rod Kiewiet (Engineer) and Craig Baumgard (Project Manager).   “This is a very unique job in the sense that in addition to supplying Frames, Doors, and Hardware, we have hired Daniels Construction to install the doors and hardware for KENDELL. KENDELL will be handling pre-install as well.  Coordination for this project will be key between all involved.” Craig shares.

We’re looking forward to the completed project and the future research that will be performed in ADRDL’s new space!

Project Highlight | MCHS Surgical Renovation

KENDELL is delighted to work with Boldt Construction on the Surgical Suite Expansion at Mayo Clinic Health System Mankato.  Construction for the MCHS upgrade is taking place over the course of a couple years, taking six phases to complete. Renovations are expected to complete near the end of 2018.

The $65 million project’s focus is to better serve surgical patients. Some parts of the current facility date back to the 1976 facility; the upgrade to a more current space is going to help modernize patient care. According to reports by KEYC, “The expansion will include 14 operating rooms, a sterile processing department, an interventional pain medicine procedural room, a new gastrointestinal endoscopy center and 43 private pre and postoperative patient rooms that Dr. Mike Kendrick, MCHS Chair of Surgical Facilities, says is a crucial factor when it comes to patient care.”

KENDELL is proud to be a part of such an important upgrade to MCHS that’s going to benefit so many patients. The expansion includes 214 Red Oak veneer wood doors from VT Industries. We also partnered with Curries for 199 hollow metal frames and 26 hollow metal doors. Door hardware includes BEST 9k cylindrical and 45H mortise locks. The door hardware also includes LCN door closers, Von Duprin 98 and 94 series exit devices and Rockwood flat goods.

The KENDELL staff working on the MCHS Surgical Renovation includes Tim Bratsch (Project Manager), Jeremiah Stern (Estimator) and Rod Kiewiet (Engineer).

We can’t wait to see the finished expansion that’s going to benefit so many patients!




Photo credit to Mayo Clinic Health System

Project Highlight | Shepherd Lab Robotics

KENDELL is currently partnering with Knutson Construction on an exciting venture at the University of Minnesota with the brand new Shepherd Lab Robotics.

According to an article published by the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering, the project entails, “a 20,000-square-foot renovation that will include nine flexible robotics labs and various work spaces for robotics faculty and graduate students. One lab is two-stories high to accommodate research on flying robots. Another lab is expected to include a large water tank where researchers can test aquatic robots. The labs will also include new state-of-the-art equipment, such as 3D printers and laser cutters for rapid prototyping.”

KENDELL is very excited to participate in the creation of a building that is progressing ground-breaking robotic technology and possesses key learning tools for students. Shepherd Lab Robotics includes 98 openings.

One of the unique hardware features on this project is a key cabinet named KeyTrak Guardian. This allows total lock-down security for keys. Described by KeyTrak, “When a user logs in to check out a key, only the key or keys in their specific access level are unlocked. The other keys remain securely locked in the panel, eliminating the possibility of a user taking a key they are not authorized to access.”

The KENDELL staff working with Shepherd Lab Robotics includes Bill Schmitt (Estimator), Pavel Afanasyev (Engineer) and Tom Carlson (Project Manager). Tom expressed that, “It’s really cool to know that you are working on a project that is, in the end, going to have an impact on robotic technology in the future.”

We can’t wait to see the final outcome and the future that this project holds!

 Image Credits: BWBR

Image Credits: BWBR

USGBC MN IMPACT 2017 Conference


KENDELL is a Session Sponsor for USGBC's IMPACT 2017 Conference. Join us at IMPACT 2017 in St. Paul on May 3rd!


The IMPACT 2017 Conference will illustrate through case studies, examples and best practices how green building is growing at the community scale by using innovative technologies and systems, and incorporating health and well being into the built environment.

Learn more about the conference at:

MN State Capitol Restoration Project


The MN State Capitol is undergoing a major renovation. This is the first time any renovations have been completed on the Capitol since it was constructed in 1905. The MN State Capitol Restoration Project is a $300 million project that has been scheduled to take over three years to complete. The project began in the fall of 2013 and is scheduled to end in 2017.

For the 378,825 square foot Capitol building, KENDELL has created over 600 pieces of custom hardware for new doors. For existing doors, the hardware was cleaned and polished to return it to its original state. 

Photo of newly installed hardware:

You can read more about the step by step process of creating custom hardware on the MN State Capitol’s Restoration Project Facebook page:

Visit the MN State Capitol Restoration Project website to find out more about the project: