The Importance of Sustainable Practices with Doors and Hardware

The Importance of Sustainable Practices with Doors & Hardware


Although not as publicized as trash in our oceans or pollution creating holes in the ozone layer, commercial construction can be incredibly damaging to our planet. Sustainable construction is essential in protecting our environment from further damage. It’s not just about selecting a location that protects natural elements and using recycled materials. Sustainable construction carries through the design process, construction practices, operation and maintenance, renovation and also deconstruction.

At KENDELL we understand environmentally, economically, and socially, we have a responsibility to be aware of the impact of our building products.

Product selection plays a major role in making an opening sustainable.  Doors and hardware can make a building more sustainable by using recycled content, being energy efficient, and selecting products that promote good indoor air quality.  A traditional opening has many elements surrounding it, whereas a sustainable opening has minimal elements. This reduces the overall environmental impact because less energy and materials are needed to extract, manufacturer, package, transport, install, and maintain the product.

KENDELL has LEED accredited and WELL certified staff available to help provide materials and documentation for all of your sustainability needs. We have experience working on projects with LEED, Living Building Challenge, B3, and several other green building certification programs.

KENDELL is also a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certificate holder. FSC is a non-profit organization that encourages the responsible management of the world’s forests. As a business that holds a Chain of Custody certificate, we must ensure that:

·         We have a system of accountability in place

·         We are buying/selling certified inputs and products

·         We are accountable for tracking material through our systems

·         We are making accurate and verifiable claims to our customers

 FSC products do not contain:

·         Wood harvested from forest areas where traditional or civil rights are violated

·         Wood harvested from non FSC-certified areas having high conservation values which are threatened

·         Wood harvested from genetically modified trees

·         Illegally harvested wood

·         A natural forest that has been converted to a plantation or non-forest use

KENDELL has made a commitment to providing high-quality Green building products. We recognize and value the practices and products that are being used in today’s market, and will do our part to make the commercial construction industry a sustainable one.

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