Project Highlight | Museum of American Art

KENDELL is teaming up with Greiner Construction on the expansion of the Museum of American Art (the M). The project was kicked off on January 30th, 2018 in St. Paul, MN with a goal to finally give the museum and its art a permanent home.

With the first phase of the expansion, the new M will develop to a 20,000 square foot space. Located right off of the light rail and connected to the downtown St. Paul skyway, the M will be able to traffic many people from community. Museum director Kristin Makholm explains, “New and expanded galleries in which to showcase the M’s exhibitions and permanent collection of 4,500+ works of American art; the Sifo Center for Creativity, a making and learning wing devoted to arts education for all ages; a sculpture court, common gathering spaces, and a glassed-in extension of the skyway directly into the museum.”

The KENDELL staff working with the M includes Dan Afanasyev (Project Manager), Leo Afanasyev (Estimator) and Patrick Buschman (Engineer). Dan talks about how the project was a unique one to work on, “the architect has definitely been making us think outside the box to come up with a particular glass stop profile to make the borrowed light hollow metal frame appear seamless.” Working with the Curries engineering team, we we’re able to achieve the look!

KENDELL is excited to see the final outcome of the M holding all of its artwork, which is going to benefit so many in the St. Paul community.

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