Project Highlight | Shepherd Lab Robotics

KENDELL is currently partnering with Knutson Construction on an exciting venture at the University of Minnesota with the brand new Shepherd Lab Robotics.

According to an article published by the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering, the project entails, “a 20,000-square-foot renovation that will include nine flexible robotics labs and various work spaces for robotics faculty and graduate students. One lab is two-stories high to accommodate research on flying robots. Another lab is expected to include a large water tank where researchers can test aquatic robots. The labs will also include new state-of-the-art equipment, such as 3D printers and laser cutters for rapid prototyping.”

KENDELL is very excited to participate in the creation of a building that is progressing ground-breaking robotic technology and possesses key learning tools for students. Shepherd Lab Robotics includes 98 openings.

One of the unique hardware features on this project is a key cabinet named KeyTrak Guardian. This allows total lock-down security for keys. Described by KeyTrak, “When a user logs in to check out a key, only the key or keys in their specific access level are unlocked. The other keys remain securely locked in the panel, eliminating the possibility of a user taking a key they are not authorized to access.”

The KENDELL staff working with Shepherd Lab Robotics includes Bill Schmitt (Estimator), Pavel Afanasyev (Engineer) and Tom Carlson (Project Manager). Tom expressed that, “It’s really cool to know that you are working on a project that is, in the end, going to have an impact on robotic technology in the future.”

We can’t wait to see the final outcome and the future that this project holds!

Image Credits: BWBR

Image Credits: BWBR