USGBC MN IMPACT 2017 Conference


KENDELL is a Session Sponsor for USGBC's IMPACT 2017 Conference. Join us at IMPACT 2017 in St. Paul on May 3rd!


The IMPACT 2017 Conference will illustrate through case studies, examples and best practices how green building is growing at the community scale by using innovative technologies and systems, and incorporating health and well being into the built environment.

Learn more about the conference at:

MN State Capitol Restoration Project


The MN State Capitol is undergoing a major renovation. This is the first time any renovations have been completed on the Capitol since it was constructed in 1905. The MN State Capitol Restoration Project is a $300 million project that has been scheduled to take over three years to complete. The project began in the fall of 2013 and is scheduled to end in 2017.

For the 378,825 square foot Capitol building, KENDELL has created over 600 pieces of custom hardware for new doors. For existing doors, the hardware was cleaned and polished to return it to its original state. 

Photo of newly installed hardware:

You can read more about the step by step process of creating custom hardware on the MN State Capitol’s Restoration Project Facebook page:

Visit the MN State Capitol Restoration Project website to find out more about the project: