KENDELL has made a commitment to high quality green building products. We understand and appreciate the practices and products that are being used and created to make the construction industry a sustainable industry.

Kendell Doors & Hardware, Inc. is an FSC® Chain of Custody certificate holder (FSC-C023670). We work with multiple wood door manufacturers and distributors that handle FSC certified wood products. Our FSC Chain of Custody allows us to supply product while maintaining the FSC claim and enables us to assist with FSC specific USGBC LEED credits. Ask us about our ability to supply FSC product at 

In addition to MR 7, we are able to supply wood doors that assist in other credit areas of the LEED rating system, including MR 4 recycled content, MR 5 regional materials, MR 6 rapidly renewable, and EQ 4.4 no added urea formaldehyde.

Our ability to assist with LEED credits extends beyond wood doors, as many of our hardware, hollow metal, and plastic products are produced using recycled materials, offering assistance with MR 4 credits.

As green building continues to develop and evolve, KENDELL is actively looking for new opportunities and products that align with green building. We are working with manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors to reduce our carbon footprint and increase the sustainability of the commercial construction industry by replacing less efficient, resource depleting practices and products with new, innovative strategies that benefit and improve the environment.